AdNauseam – Making Advertisers Sick

Adnauseam browser extentionThe public beta for the AdNauseam browser extension will be released on November 15 and it promises to have online advertisers reaching for the sick bag.

It works in conjunction with AdBlock Plus and will automatically click away at all blocked ads thereby obfuscating the data the ad networks collect and hopefully rendering it next to useless.

Built in response to the excesses of third party tracking and persistent failures by the ad networks to accept the Do Not Track standard, AdNauseam does not try to avoid your data being tracked, but will hide it under a huge pile of puke (from the ad networks point of view).

From Mushon Zer-Aviv,one of the creators of AdNauseam:-

“Practically every ad is watching us, whether we interact with it or not. It has become a surveillance market. … You can say plenty about these long legal documents, where you have to click “I agree.” We don’t even have that with ad networks. We haven’t agreed to anything.”

Definitely one to add to our Secure Browsing Add-ons list. Just not so sure about that logo…dunno about you but it’s making me feel kinda queasy…lol

Firefox only btw…at the moment…a chrome extension is in the pipeline though no dates yet.

Updated: February 24, 2015 by PrivacyPulp

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