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People are increasingly using Smartphones and Tablets to do the things that would traditionally have been done using a PC, Mac or Lap-top.

Surfing the web, watching movies and streaming media, downloading files, accessing Facebook and other social media, online shopping and paying bills.

But mobile devices can be especially vulnerable to snoopers, spooks, and hackers via rogue apps and tools.

Along with traditional fears about viruses and malware people are concerned about their security, privacy and anonymity when surfing the web from their Smartphones.

Particularly when on the move at public wi-fi hotspots, airports, hotels and cafes. And that’s where we come in…

We’ve listed the top mobile privacy, anonymity, and security apps and asked you, the users, to rate them. So, check out our reviews and stay safe and secure online.

Our Top Mobile Apps

Our RatingMobile AppTypeOS


ExpressVPNVPNAndroid, iOSReviewVisit Site


WickrTextAndroid, iOSReviewVisit Site


LookoutAnti-virusAndroid, iOSReviewVisit Site


LastPass MobilePwordsAndroid, iOSReviewVisit Site


TextSecureTextAndroidReviewVisit Site


RedphoneCallsAndroidReviewVisit Site


CryptocatTextiOSReviewVisit Site


OrbotTorAndroid, iOSReviewVisit Site


Hotspot ShieldVPNAndroid, iOSReviewVisit Site

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