New FireFox Release Focuses You On Privacy

Firefox is marking it’s 10th anniversary with a new release that emphasis it’s privacy options. As soon as you update to version 33.1 you are taken on a tour of the “new” features.

Forefox forget historyAnd the first one is definitely that (well kind of). It’s basically a new ‘Forget’ button that you can add to the browser toolbar that allows you to instantly clear your history for up to 24 hours. How to get it:-

1. Click the menu button menu and then customise.

2. Drag the Forget button to your toolbar and exit customise.

3. Click the button and then select either 5 minutes, 2 hours or 24 hours.

Of course. if you were familiar with how to clear your history in Firefox before you could argue the feature is hardly new as you could already do this from the privacy options. But that would be quibbling.

We really like the easy access and the fact that this could put privacy upfront and center in more people’s minds when browsing. That has to be a good thing!

Next on the ‘tour’, Firefox are then suggesting you use the DuckDuckGo anonymous search engine as your preferred browser. Can’t argue with that and you can get more information about DuckDuckGo on our Secure Search page.

Finally, the ‘tour’ concludes with a reminder that you can always use the existing ‘Private Mode’ option for incognito browsing that keeps your browsing history secret for that session.

Updated: February 24, 2015 by PrivacyPulp

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